Photographer with passion

Jan Watzlawick is a German photographer. He realised early on that he wanted to tell stories, capture moments and visualise feelings. He moved to Berlin, where he started his own business and worked for seven years. Cannes followed Berlin and he currently lives in Indonesia. But he has the feeling of home everywhere, no matter where he is.

The product

Jan is not only known for his pictures, but also for his video production. He also writes books in which he tells short stories. Both pictures and films, as well as books, reveal a unique style.

Online Shop

In the online shop there is a portfolio of Jan’s most beautiful pictures and he gives a good overview of his work so far. In addition, fine art prints are offered. These pictures are printed on demand. The special thing about the online shop is the product detail page. This is in a way an art gallery in combination with the direct possibility to purchase the artworks.

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