Bilingual flashcards

Our brand NördAlört has set itself the goal of bilingual education for children. The education should be as playful as possible, so that the children hardly notice that they are learning at that moment. In the coming time, more and more bilingual learning products will appear under NördAlört.

The product

NördAlört currently offers flashcards with which children can playfully learn the ABC and animal names in German-English. This way, the conversation about the animal on the card can be held bilingually. At the same time, the ABCs are learned because Jessy has made sure that the animals begin with the same letter in both languages when designing the cards. (Example: Fox-Fuchs). The flashcards were all lovingly packaged by hand in small fabric bags and then sent out. This is a very high-quality product with sustainable packaging.


Jessica Piskai



Behind our brand NördAlört is our dear Jessica Klug @jessykpiskai, also known as Jessy. Jessy has three children with her husband Chris and together they live in various places around the world, currently living in Hawaii.

Online Shop

With NördAlört in the online shop, the customer gets a good overview and detailed information about the product. Currently, the online shop is still integrated into a blog.


NördAlört is represented by Jessy on her Instagram account. Here, too, influencer marketing plays an important role.

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