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Product development

From the idea to the launch

We accompany you in the development of authentic and exclusive products. We work closely with the idea provider and can bring products to the market even after just a few months and individual planning.

The idea
The first step for a successful product is to work out the idea with the influencer. Then questions are tackled that revolve around the actual product. These questions include the type of product, the design, the quality and the price.
Market research
We conduct market research to get an overview of the current market situation and the competitors. In order to better define the customers, we conduct research and start surveys with a targeted analysis of demand and supply. In addition, we research suitable traders and suppliers already at this stage.
Project Manager
Each project has a fixed contact person. This person is responsible for the project and takes care of the implementation. He or she is the interface between IT, design and the customer.
The planning starts with a kick-off workshop. In this workshop, the results of the market research, the corporate identity, the vision, the expectations as well as the time schedule with corresponding deadlines are compiled.
Technical implementation
In order to finally bring the product to market, we involve our IT department. Together with IT, we design a suitable shop that is tailored to the product.
Of course, we also take care of the logistical connection. There, we already work with trustworthy partners who support us with storage, shipping and the entire handling.
After the concept has been approved, production begins and a content shoot is planned together with the blogger. The content is then incorporated into the website development process and after completion of the website, the finished product can now be launched on the market.
Next Steps
Even after the launch, we continue to look after the shop, take care of customer service and plan further steps to establish the brand.
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